So I have been playing for a little more than a year now. I've only played bass and acoustic guitar but now I want to play the electric. I want a good guitar, not some crappy starter. I have enough money to spend to do this but I don't know if I should. I plan on buying a Schecter C-1 Classic for $400 soon and then later buy hopefully a tube amp used for whatever amount of money (around $400 maybe). I might even get a Peavey Valveking 112 new if I can't find something else. Thats $800! More than my bass, bass amp, bass accessories, and acoustic guitar cost. Still, I know the Schecter is an amazing guitar and will make me so much better by learning off of it. I can play on my cruddy bass amp until I get an amp that it worthy.

Do you think this is a good idea? What do you think?
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no your already a player so you will just be pissed with out a good amp. split the money and go used.
buying the stuff = good idea if you have the money

playing through bass amp = baaaddd idea
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Get the gear you want, not the gear you can afford right now. Get a job.
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True that , the equip you want the most .. you should save for becuase in the long run it will mean more to you. I started of getting used stuff and now im saving for a New Ibanez, the used things i bought still mean alot to me, if youre just looking for a guitar and not getting something that means anything to you then go ahead its youre choice man
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Damn, if you can get that C-1 Classic for about half price, i would go for it.

But yeah, dont play out of a bass amp.
Whats wrong with a bass amp? I know playing a bass through a guitar amp isn't smart but the other way around should be fine right?

I would play mostly rock/metal. Probably a lot of melodic metal and hardcore stuff. Things I normally couldn't play on bass or acoustic.
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ya it would sound like crap that's why. get a roland cube cause it does not sound like crap.
A cube would be a good start for what you're playing.


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