Yeah, well, I'm going to be buying a camcorder soon. I'm looking at the Flip Video Ultra Series:


Would this be a good camera? It's going to be mainly for guitar covers/rubiks cube tutorial videos. I like the fact that it has a USB connection, because I don't have a firewire card/cable, but I don't like the fact that it's freakin small, and doesn't look very sturdy. So, yea? Nay? Or... what?

Any other recommendations around that price range that would be worth buying the extra Firewire card/cable for? Or better ones with the USB? I can't go over $200.

if you want to buy something like that, i recommend an Aiptech.. they're really good for the price, and you store the data on a SD card and with 8gb cards, you can hold a lot of data.
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