So, I've got this gig, and I have a drum set. All the shows I've seen has a hole in there bass drum (I've been told it is called a wintle) with a microphone in front of the hole. I was wondering what the purpose of this hole was, what the hole actually did to the sound, is it necessary, and if it is necessary do I just cut out a hole or if there a specific size it needs to be? Lots of questions
It means when the bass drum is mic'ed up the sound produced is a lot cleaner. and the hole is usually always the bottom of the bass drum, off to one side.

As far as I've seen anyways
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Its for miking the drum.

Usually the bass drum isn't loud enough without it being miked at gigs, and using the hole keeps a good natural drum sound, not a crappy "dudnt" sound.
But it isn't worth wrecking a skin by cutting a hole in it.
I wouldn't worry. My drummer has a £4,000 kit and his has no hole for playing live. Sounds fine