Hey there, I'm a brand new beginning guitarist and I'm having some trouble with the C, F, G7 chord progression. C and G7 are pretty easy and I can transition smoothly between them, but I'm having some major trouble with the F chord.

If I bar the first and second strings with my index, it's almost impossible to get the third and fourth strings to ring clearly. If I get the third and fourth strings down correctly, I can't bar the first and second strings and have them ring clearly. The only way I can possibly get the chord to sound right is to put incredible strain on my left hand, which feels just like bad practice.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? TIA
Practice, just practice holding the F chord down and strumming it, then play each note individually. Keep doing that until every note of the chord rings out perfectly. Then try putting it into the progression.
again the strain is normal, practice will help you find a comfortable position over time. Good things come to those who wait
Make sure u've moved your hand to a position where your thumb is right behind the fretboard, so you can really press that barre down. other than that, its just practice.
F's are hard, especially on high guage strings or acoustics, just stick at it and u'll develop the strength and technique (took me an age, almost quit at one point, but i'm sure glad i dident now!)
Alright, thanks for the advice, I was under the impression that the strain was a negative habit.
You can bar it but it's pretty hard when you start. My teacher said he sometimes had to hold people's hands in the position to get them to learn it.
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