I have been a big fan of the Barber stuff. I own the tone press and the burn unit and am probally going to order the eq unit. But with so many pedal makers out there right now its hard to truly evaluate them all. Just curious about what brands you like.
never actually been able to try barber, though i'd like to. only shop i've ever been in which had them, i'd just been trying out a bunch of (expensive) amps, and didn't have the neck on me to start into trying their entire stock of pedals...

i like HBE... klon is nice too, but expensive (extremely!).

lots of nice companies.
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Fulltone, great mix of boutique quality and good amount of production.

Otherwise, Keeley makes great boutique stuff. Especially the fuzz-head, mmmm.

Those are the only 2 boutique companies I have tried...IIRC.
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I like all the pedals I've tried from www.cmatmods.com He sells his stuff on ebay too and if you get it from ebay you can get it a lot cheaper than from his website. The finishes suck but the tone is better than the tone you get from the brand name pedals his are based on and he charges about half the price so you really can't beat that.

I also really like all the budda stuff I've tried but I'm not sure they really count as boutique. Fulltone is also very good but they are not boutique at all, just not all that common outside Japan.
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I Dont know if you consider Mi audio boutique but the crunch box really is a nice pedal.
I love my Barber, but my favorite would be the RMC Teese Picture Wah. He makes great stuff
I love my Affectronix Pink Verb. It's hard to handle if you don't know what the 3 knobs do, but it's got great tone. And the reverb goes forever.
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