at 160 bpm.

I still haven't learned sweep picking and I can't recognize it. So I'm asking you, is that sweep picking? When I listen to this part in the song it really sounds like sweeping, but I'm not sure. I can move my left hand up to speed, but I just up-pick, no sweeping, and it doesn't sound right.

The song is one of the parts of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, About to Crash (Reprise), by Dream Theater.
If it sounds like sweeping, and doesn't sound right when you don't sweep, it's generally sweeping

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Nope. That is legato playing.

You only pick the string once with the right hand and pull-off with the left.

Sweeping is different.. Hold on I'll go find a tab with sweeping in it...


Alrighty. That is sweep picking. (From Everytime I Die - Children of Bodom)

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This is my sweep picking excersize.




Its pretty simple.
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It's sweep picking using legato... It's technically sweep picking, but the time between strokes makes it a little slower. But you're splitting hairs here, really.
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I wouldn't really call it sweep picking. IF you want a bit of sweep picking from Dream Theater look up In the Name of God or There's a small sweep in In the Presence of enemies pt 1.


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