I'm not sure on whether i liked it or not. It was a good film, basic story but good effects.

Ending??? Annoyed me a lot i dont know why but i was left at the end unhappy i'm not sure why though...


sorry buddy but there is already a whole thread about this, search bar
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yeah man i think it would have been a good movie if it didn't end the way it did without giving you any answers. that was lame
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turns out the monster was a Search Bar
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turns out the monster was a Search Bar

And to make it even more frightening...

The search bar was never used.
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yah i was lft wanting to know more, it was kind of annoying. what fell into the ocean at the end?
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I loved it.


Did you see the thing fall into the ocean in the end?


No? Which ending the flash back or real time?