Hey so I'm trying to get a real good death metal grunt going, but it always seems to end up a bit short. I'm also trying to stretch my clean vocal range to. Do you know what vocal exercises can i do to help out with that? Is there anything I can drink that'll allow my vocal chords to be able to do this easier?

Also, When you smoke and you lose some of those high-end pitches you could reach is that simply temporarily or is that a forever-gone kind of thing?

Thank you all very much.

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The first part, what do you mean "short"?
Second part, STOP! Smoking + grunts (especially if "short" means what Ihink it does) = not good times. Practice and toughen up your vocals w/out smoking, then your throat/body can take the smoke + grunting easier
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Exercises to help range:

check out all 4 ("warmup") videos. i suck horribly at singing but they helped me out.
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the only vocal thread dude.

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