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as im spending a lot of time on the road, i would find it interesting to know what favorit song is urs when youre on the highway?
Jeff Buckley - Lover You Should've come over or
queen - dont stop me now or
Bullets and octane - breakout or
Guns 'n' Roses (any song)
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on the road again willie nelson
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runnin down the dream - tom petty

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bullet for my valentine - take it out on me
bullet for my valentine - all these things i hate
rollingstones - start me up
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lots more but the first thing that popped into my head was night moves by bob seger and green river by ccr
The entire Amorica album by the Black Crowes, but specifically Wiser Time. I also like listening to Band of Gypsys when I drive.
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Ram Jam - Black Betty
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Any Zappa jazz album does the trick for me.
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I love listening to Tattoo You or Some Girls when I drive just on the grounds that every track has relentless drumming from Charlie Watts. Bob Seger, The Eagles, and Skynyrd are definately second. If it's a long trek you've gotta have some Dead as well.

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HIGHWAY 2 HELL - AC/DC (pretty much any ac/dc will do, though)
Steppenwolf- Born To Be Wild (road classic )
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My favourite driving song is Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave. It's not one of my favourite Sabbath songs but it's awesome when I'm on the motorway.
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Indeed! For me it's just because the 2 rock radio stations here play that song at least once an hour, so I end up hearing it every time I'm on a good size drive.
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any floyd or the eagles. Life in the fast lane
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i think Born To Be Wild would be oke if I'm on the highway.
But I think Highway Star would Rocks!!!!!
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"Me and Bobby McGee" - Janis Joplin
"Ride Captain Ride" - Blues Image
"What's Your Name" - Lynyrd Skynyrd
"It's a Long Way to the Top" - AC/DC

And the ENTIRE "Born to Run" album by Springsteen
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I find myself listening to Marshall Tucker's 'Searchin' For A Rainbow' CD most of the times, but "Hitch A Ride" is a Boston tune I love blasting in my car!
Highway Star- Deep Purple
Immagrant Song- Led Zep
The Road- Tenacious D
Black Betty- Ram Jam
Have A Drink On Me- AC/DC
Highway To Hell- AC/DC

alot more.
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Highway star- deep purple
Take it easy- the eagles
any skynyrd
the entire "Get your ya yas out(live)" album by the rolling stones.
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I think any Creedence Clearwater Revival song would fit the bill as a good on the road song.
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^^ I agree, and any song by the guess who or bachman turner overdrive
but also there's

Because/Come together - George Benson (instrumental cover)
sweet home alabama - lynyrd
take the long way home - supertramp
I hear you knockin' - dave edmunds
i think most black sabbath songs sound pretty awesome try the wizard or supernaut
All of Springsteen's Born To Run, Darkness On the Edge of Town, and Nebraska albums. Tom Waits' "Goin' Out West" is a good one too.
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A Hard Road by Sabbath. Actually, all of Never Say Die pretty much rocks.
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