Kinda hard but im gonna say since its a bolt-on and i cant really see anything on the Pup's i say its 470
^Yeah, I want it It's got 24 frets....and it can't be any worse than the Palmer strat knockoff I'm currently using.

I don't know diddly squat about Ibanez though....
You know im gonna say it may be a early 90's model because i dont see the letters RG on the headstock.
When I go to look at it, how can I tell it apart from a 270? Does it say on the headstock what model it is?
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It should say on the back of the headstock, if it doesn't look at the serial number, it should begin with F

Tell tale sign is the bridge though, it has to look like the one in the picture

or like this

If it has anything else, its not a RG570.

Exactly! That blue RG has a Lo-TRS II trem (P.O.S). Looks like a 270