Hey guys,

Just finished the new recordings to share with you all. There is no crying or xCorex (only some hippish-hoppish) in this music so keep searching if that is what you want.


And as always, any feedback is appreciated.

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pretty sweet man, the vocals are... unique. he's got a good voice, i personally think he could find some better melodies, but other than that .. the guitars were great, drums were a bit boring, but thats probably because I listen to August Burns Red to much, overall pretty sweet. keep it up!

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Your songs sound and are very great to listen to but I have one question what does the fat guy do?
Well one fat dude sings (deeper voice) the other not-quite-as-fat dude plays keyboards.

tomerickson11 thanks for the input! We just got a new singer so it may be some time before all the kinks are worked out. Feel free to add the myspace, whomever liked it. We could always use more friends!
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