Hey guys,

I own a full hollowbody elec ibanez that I've been rocking out to with ernie balls for several years now. I believe it's called the artcore series.

So I've been really getting into softer indie-acoustic stuff recently and have used the amp less and less, settling with the dead, mono, raw acoustic sounds of my unplugged guitar.

I decided that I'm going to try to put on some brass strings for some added volume and bass tomorrow and I'm really wondering if they will work with the pickups if I ever do plug it in again.

Furthermore, are there any other implications that I have to worry about? I'm really curious into experimenting with what sounds I can get, so I'll love to hear everyone's thoughts about this.

I think it'll work if you plug it in. You have acoustics with electromagnetic pickups (non piezo). So I guess that should work. You might want to fix your intonation as acoustic strings tend to be thicker than electric ones.
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It will most likely work with the pickups. Just check the intonation and action after you put them on.
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Bronze strings wont make a magnetic pickup work. Its not a ferrous metal. You need the steel core of electrics to make a regular pickup work.