alright, i think this is the right forum..
i am a guitarist looking for any bass, i need it for jazz band at school, BUT it doesnt need to be a jazz bass, i'd actually prefer a p-bass.

what do you think about the Mike Dirnt P-bass Squier on here?

many others say they also like:

but i was also looking at this fernandez used and maybe upgrading some stuff

also, just for jazz band can i put a jazz pickup near the bridge of a p-bass and wire up a switch to it so i can switch from teh single to jazz pups, or would the jazz mount in the bridge position just suck tone-wise of a p-bass. thank you for any new suggestions!
Why would you prefer a P-Bass for jazz band?
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I say if you're going Squier, go Vintage Modified. The Dirnt is pretty decent too.

And you can use a Precision in jazz, Jazz pickups aren't designed solely for Jazz or Precision pickups for rock... you have a lot to learn before you start thinking about modding your gear.
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so that i can play it as a guitar good for punk and rock out of jazz band. and the teacher doesnt even know what a pickup is even though he has his doctrate (spelling)
ive modded many guitars, this is my first on a bass. so just leave it as a p-bass then, dont bother throwing a jazz in the bridge or anything?

im also open to any guitar suggestions
Out of those I'd definetely go for the Vintage Modified, now Jazz or Precision, it's your choice. But I've played the VM Jazz and it was very nice and so versatile, so I'd recommend that.
i live in USA unfortunately with our ****head as a president. but thank you very much, and the VM's seem to be good for 250, im assume i wont need to buy anything, because with the fernandez i'd need to buy the works for it, and it'd end up being like 250 anyway. but ANY otions are open for me

thank you all.
if the Dirnt isnt too bad, i might look more into that. but also if the VM's are overly better than dirnt's, i'd be willing to go with that.
go for the p bass because you prefer the sound and feel of it over the jazz bass, don't buy it because you think p bass = rock, jazz bass = jazz. The jazz bass is a really versatile instrument and for going between soft jazz tones, biting punk tones and punchy rock tones i think you'd be better with a jazz bass
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My teacher has used his '73 Precision in pretty much every style of music you can think of, I've seen him play in jazz bands, rock bands, metal bands, funk bands, motown bands, the list goes on.

I've also used mine in jazz bands and various others and although they're not the most versatile basses, the sounds that they do make will fit into pretty much every situation you could think of.
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I agree with those saying go for the squier vintage modified J bass
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THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! i am still considering picking up a p-bass and throwing a jazz in the bridge for more tonal options. but you guys are amazing. now its just the extremely hard part of making the decision on what p-bass to buy X|

everyone says they like the VM, looks really nice. but mike dirnt ****ing rocks!. and i could always buy used and upgrade.

oh god. anyone else have any other options to throw on the table?