so in making my 75 watt combo spider a 75 watt head. when i plug it into the single speaker combo it sounds wayyy louder then when plug into my cabinet, the one in the combo is 75 watts at 8 ohms, and the 4 speakers in the cab are 30 watts each 8 ohms, could someone tell me why this is happening?
the speakers are probably wired in series

more speakers in series=more resistance

more resistance=less electricity

less electricity=quieter

try wiring the speakers differently. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but depending on the wiring arrangement, you can adjust the resistance. Look it up.
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i tried rewiring them according to the tutorial thread and it doesnt help much, maybe they are just ****ty speakers?
Wire the speakers in paralell. Simple.
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alright so that wont hurt my cab, it will make my cabinet have a 2 ohm rating right, and my combo turned head puts out 75 watts at 8 ohms, if i do this i wont blow my speakers up will it, sorry i get confused with this stuff