I've always wanted to own one, but never got around to buying one. I'm 21 years old now so I can buy one legally. I've never been in trouble with the law so buying one should be easy. I'm also in college, so I can take a time class for a credit at the school I go to.

The only thing is that I know nothing about clocks accept what I've read/heard about in movies and video games.

I was wondering how much a your standard 9mm Clock would cost and other things I should consider when buying one.
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Buy a time-telling clock instead. You'll use it more often.
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Lol. its not "clock"..

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Are we talking digital here? If not, go for one with Roman Numerals.
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Buy a time-telling clock instead. You'll use it more often.

He's got a point, but I say get a watch. You can take it anywhere!
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buy the glock 17c, its the best of the legal ones so i hear
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LOL glock not clock!! hahahahahaha
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CLOCK not glock...

that is awesome
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should get a watch with a calculator on, they're the coolest!

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He's got a point, but I say get a watch. You can take it anywhere!

And you can conceal it. You might need a special permit for that though.
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dammit it didn't post...
i tried the damn myspace way

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