I just bought tickets for it. Cause you know. Metallica, Pearl Jam.... WILLIE NELSON!


Have you guys ever been? Is it as sweet as it sounds?
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metallica and willie nelson? i have to go!

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Haha, very lucky.

I hear they're like sold out now.
Gibson Zoot Suit in Rainbow
ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000

Where are the ladies, man?
they're expensive as **** already, and i'm pretty sure last year's lineup was way better. metallica?? yeah right thats lame.
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I have tickets! It's going to be awesome.
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metallica at bonnaroo???? what the hell. after checking out this years line up i will in fact not be going, and have no desire to go in the future. i remember a couple of years ago when the lineup was top notch. but metallica? ill save my money
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The lineup is always good, one day I hope to travel to America and go there.
I'm considering it but I'm also going to Summer Camp, Rothbury, and Grateful Fest so I might be a little burnt out. Still it is very tempting...