So I've been looking to upgrade to a tube amp lately, and I'd like to be able to replicate a sound similar to Bloc Party's. I know they usually use fender blues deluxe amps, but since I don't play gigs I neither want nor need to pay the extra money for an amp that's too big for my needs. so I was wondering how similar a sound I can get from the Blues Jr.? Is it essentially a lower-watt version of the deluxe? Thanks for any help.
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Probably pretty close. Play it for yourself.
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They should be similar. I think most Fender amps are pretty close to each other, barring the few that actually have gain.
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I found i like the cleans on the jr more but they're both very similar.

The deluxe has more switches and maybe more gain stages, i only tried the cleans on the deluxe. Its also VERY loud.
Blues Jr.-Creamy blues tone. Warm. smaller more portable. Very marshall-y when cranked

Blues Deluxe-Big. Loud, very bright and harsh at times if not EQ'ed well. Drive channel sounds like fizzy butt

If you need the volume, get a blues deluxe and put a nice overdrive pedal in front of the clean channel
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They sound very different. Blues Jr. uses EL-84, and Blues Deluxe uses 6L6s. The Blues Jr. sounds great, and if you mod it, it sounds even better.