Is it necessarry I know you can play an acou-elec out of a elec amp but is it really necesarry to buy an acoustic amp..

If so which one?
Interesting question. I've wondered about this myself
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The need for an acoustic amp depends on what kind of pickup you have. If you are using a soundhole pickup you want an electric guitar amp with scooped mids like a blackface fender, or one of the roland solid state amps. If you are using a sound board transducer (also known as bridge plate transducers or the I-beam) then you want to use a PA rather than a guitar amp. If you are using an undersaddle transducer you want an acoustic amp.
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If you are using any mic at all then you want to use a PA.
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I will often just use my bass amp. It's got warmth and the highs are not lacking at all.
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