On a strat type guitar, what would be the difference in a rosewood fretboard vs. a maple fretboard (other than looks)???

- Play differently?
- Does one lend itself to a playing style better?
- Shaped differently?


- Play differently? Yes
- Does one lend itself to a playing style better? Yes
- Shaped differently? Don't think so
I find that I don't have a preference; I like maple on my strat for looks but higher end strats wih rosewood play great.

mapple is brighter and has etter sustain and a crisp sound

rosewood is smoother and mellower because it is softer

ebony to me is like expensive, black maple, but on a fretless bass it is soo nice
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Both my guitars have rosewood at the moment. But I'm selling them both to get an MIM start with a maple fretboard. It sounds a bit brighter, and looks better as well. But still for some guitars rosewood is the way to go. When I'm gonna get another guitar for heavier stuff, I'm gonna be getting one with a rosewood fingerboard
Maple freatboards are a bit brighter and twangier than rosewood.
The neck carve of the same model strat with maple or rosewood fretboard are the same from what i remember. It doesn't specify otherwise on the fender site.
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The tonal differences are minute and it really comes down to preference for feel. I prefer the feel of rosewood. Spend some time on both and find out for yourself.
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I'd put it this way... maple is going to be slightly bright than rosewood on the whole but the board is only part of the equation. You could have a brighter sounding guitar with rosewood than maple if the rest just pushes it that way. In terms of feel I don't think it matters much on a MIM since they've got medium jumbo frets. I know there was another thread on this recently and someone mentioned that they've got vintage frets (which are much smaller) and they do feel the board a lot more and as a result prefer the maple.