kk this is kind of political song that I wrote today. My first one like it. hope it doesnt offend anyone. The main riff was actually something that I wrote for a love song, but that didn't pan out well, so i salvaged it.

Verse I:
I was watchin’ the TV today,
Seems like everything’s slippin’ away.
The world’s burning fast,
Things aren’t gonna’ last.

Buildings burning up on the island,
Shootings out on the western highlands.
Are they terrorists,
Or freedom fighters?

Baby was found in the trash yesterday,
It’s skin was blue and black and grey.
Where was it’s mother?
Upstate, wouldn’t bother.

Chorus I:
Well if you open your eyes,
And look up to the skies.
You just might find,
That we’re all blind.

Open your eyes,
See the lies,
Nothing’s itself,
Try to think for yourself.

Verse II:
A school was blown up today,
Two hundred casualties of war, they say.
Demons tearing at our throats,
Protected by government votes.

Tell me, what you do with that loaded gun?
Whatever, everything’s already begun.
Bombs falling over the Middle East,
Is it to much to ask for some peace?

Soldiers in the jungle, tearing kids apart,
What happened to your heart?
Can’t take this anymore; I’ll retire soon,
Go somewhere quiet, rolling sand dunes.

Chorus II:
Open your eyes,
Focus your mind on the prize.
Everything will be over shortly,
I promise.

Open your eyes,
My love will shield you,
From this living hell,
I swear its true.
Open your eyes,
Feel the lies,
Taste the skies,
Become wise,
And you’ll be alright.
The day is done,
And you want run,
Fly to the sun,
It’s begun,
Ignore the fight.
And open your eyes.
I like it, but, I dunno.

Maybe it's just my style but I like it when the meanings are hidden in the words.

"Bombs falling over the Middle East"

That sort of ruined it for me. That's just my opinion though.

EDIT: BTW! crit for crit! mine is 'Betrayer'. It should be on the first page. Thanks ahead of time.
life is beautifuuuuooooaaaaaal
Thanks for the input. I was kind of shaky on that bit, but i dont know, i couldnt really think of anything. Whatever its in its rough stages. ANd i'll crit urs now.