Hey, I just started playing guitar about 4 months ago and I am trying to step it up and get an electric guitar. I am into a lot of different types of rock and folk and even some pop and punk. Anything from Bob Dylan to Metallica to the cranberries to led Zeppelin to the everclear. I was thinking about getting an Ibanez Artcore AF75 Electric Guitar and was wondering if it is a good choice for the kind of music i would like to play. I would also like to here some preferences that other people might have for other styles and guitars.
ibanez is mroe metal esquie, i would get something along the lines of a strat les paul or maybe a basic SG
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MIM strat...fat strat may be ideal cuz of the humbucker, but ya...invest in one
Gibson Les Paul Classic
Traynor YCV 50 Custom Blue

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Go for a HSS strat.
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so a safe bet would be to go with the strat. Cool. but how about other peoples preferences. Like some guitars are more bluesie and others are hard metal. What guitars are good for different styles, like how about the diferences between the hollow bodies and solids? thanks for the input!