I recently acquired a Powerblock as a cheap vocal PA system (way more portable than the ones school have... tie to a cart = difficult to transport up and down stairs), and I had used it in a gig. It seems working now, but there was a 2-minute period when it was connect to a single 8-ohm PA speakers to the Left stereo output (rated at 4ohm), but nothing into the right speaker output (also rated 4ohm).

While there was sound coming from the right-output speaker after we plugged another 8-ohm speaker in (about 2 minutes after we left right output unplugged), I was wondering if there was any damages to the amplifier was done?
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If it still works there was no damage. It would probably take more than that to blow it up anyway.
First off I'm not too sure you have it hooked up right.

2 4 ohm outs go to 2 8ohm speakers. It seems as though you have it backwards.

Second, I've heard that playing solid state amps without a load doesn't cause any damage to it. I doubt the validity of that, but it's what i've heard a time or two.

EDIT: nevermind, i read the first part wrong, sorry man.
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Yeah, I am the only electronically inclined person in the group; The vocalist thought MG10 is 40w because of what's at the back, and that's when i decided to lend him the PowerBlock, which led to the no speaker hook up incident

Well, at least SS' "either work or doesn't" works to an advantage here.
yeah that usually doesn't damage SS amps like it does tube amps, it should be ok.
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