Hey guys, im just posting to see what u guys thing about what i wanna do with my Ibanez RG321MH.
Currently its stock with its INF3 at the neck and INF4 at the bridge. I was thinking of changing the bridge to a Dimarzio Super distortion and at the neck a Dimarzio Air Norton. Tell me what you think any tips or comments will be greatly appreciated, i have an about $250 limit, those pickups come to about $230 with taxes here in Ontario from long and mcquade. Ohh also my amp is a Line 6 Spider III 30 watt dont really know if that will make a difference and i play alot of distored along with lots of cleans so i prefer passive pickups.

Thanks in advanced.
lol well, i plan on it later on but i wanna upgrade my pickups atm, if ne1 has amp suggestions for ones under $300-$400 let me know
Id add that 250 for pickups to your amp fund then once you have a solid amp worry about getting new pickups.
You'd be surprised how much an amp makes a difference to your sound.
FYI, there's a Vox 30 watt valve amp out there for around $250, check musicians friend...
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thing is that 300-400 dollars is basically what my parents are gonna spend on my for grad gift this year so thats how im gonna b getting an amp then so i thought to change my pickups now :/