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I'm a junior in High School and I have been born and bread on the classics.

I've been listing to Rush for as long as I can remeber and I had a time where Rush, Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd were the only bands I ever listened to.

It's a bit hard finding a band to be in, every on is into the fast, melt your face off guitar style were I'm more of a slow, blusy bend, hear the note your playing type.

Is there any one else facing this problem?
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yeah, im in the same place

luckily for me though where i live the classics are alive and well and a lot of people like them, not everyone is all about speed and way too much gain

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My band's other guitarist is in the opposite position. All he learned is Metallica and Iron Maiden, while we're here pushing in some classic rock and prog.
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I very much agree with you. everyone is into the speed metal, and the death metal... and all other genres ending with metal. people forget about the roots of their music.

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i think you should check out Spiritual Beggars, some inspiration for a mix between in-you-face and "slow, blusey bend, hear the note your playing" styles?
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I do too. I'm in band and every one in the band each has there different styles of music they listen too. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to things to listen to.

We play a lot of Punkish styled stuff. It can get annoying at times but some songs we bust out, I really enjoy. It is really hard for me to solo over something that is styled like what we play.