Currently I am thinking about buying a guitar, but I am not sure which one to get. I do not know much about guitars, so I would appreciate if anyone can reccomend any guitars. Im looking at maybe getting an HSS Stratocaster, but im not sure.

My favourite guitarist is John Frusciante, so I would want something similar to that guitars tone. Also, I really like the tone of Matthew Bellamy's guitar, though he uses mainly custom guitars so im not sure what else sounds like that.

One more thing, I am left handed, so that might affect what kind of guitar I can get right now. I looked on Fenders website, and they do not seem to make HSS Stratocaster for left handed people. Any help is appreciated, thank you.
A. i'd get a squier instead of a fender if you're just starting. it's only $150 for a regular squier as opposed to the $400 for a full fledged fender and it will be the same guitar body... just less expensive parts

B. easy way to fix the left handed issue... do like jimmy hendrix and dick dale... string it upside down. works fine.
It doesn't matter that you're lefthanded. Since I'm assuming you're just starting, I strongly recommend you learn to play right-handed.
Other than the fact that it is actually more suited to your strengths to play right-handed as a left-handed person (right-handed guitarists should be playing lefty, etc.), you will find that many, many more guitars will be available to you as a righty, and that doing so will also likely save you money. If you are determined to learn lefty and can't find the guitar you want in a left-handed variety, just get someone to flip the strings for you.
Contrary to the person above me, I would recommend going for the full Fender. You'll be glad you did because it will allow you to focus on other things in the future instead of the crapiness of your guitar. For what you listen to, I would stongly recommend a Mexican HSS Strat as you were speaking of, which can go as low as $400.
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^ That really only works if he's not strongly left handed.
It will be a great struggle if he's strongly left handed.

TS - I suggest you go into a guitar shop and hold a few guitars that are left and right handed. Get a member of staff to show you a chord and see which way it's easier to play. If you can play right handed then I say go for it, but if you find it easier lefty then stick with it. It'll make learning easier.
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