If the frequency of a sound can easily be measured can't someone just program something that labels the frequencies with standard musical notes?

I'm looking for anything where I can hum or sing and record it and have the software analyze what note and tell it to me. Does it exist?
You can buy a guitar tuner and just sing into it unplugged and it will tell you the note.
I was going to say tuner, but it's already been said. Don't get a guitar tuner though get a chromatic tuner, if you get a guitar tuner it'll only tell you if you're singing an E, a, d, g, or b. Oh, and that software does exist. Record companies use it all the time for their "artists" that can't sing it looks at what they're singing and if it's off then it corrects it. I don't know where to get such a thing though.
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^ Sounds like you're talking about Autotune software. There is such a plug-in bundled in with Logic, but I am guessing you would have to pay big bucks to get a plug-in which corrects a tonally poor vocal performance to a good standard.
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Any chromatic tuner, tuning program, or oscilloscope should be able to give you your answer.
If you don't know what note you should be singing, how will you know you're singing the wrong one in the first place...?
I say go for the tuner idea but you could try one of these "vocal trainers" as well:

also theres pitch correction programs but they normally dont sound great if you are that far off...

It's best to correct YOUR voice so it doesnt need to be corrected in post production.
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