Being swamped with more guitars than I can count for blues and every kind of rock you can name, I figured it was about time I finally got something a little more metal-orientated to mess around with. Problem is I'm used to looking at £800+ guitars, but at the moment, I've only got a couple of hundred to spare. I'm somewhat in foreign territory.

My limits, and things I need:
- £300 is about my maximum price, if I really have to. I'd rather not spend any more than £250 though (including the cost of changing pickups if need be). If it comes down to a choice between two or more guitars, the cheapest is always going to win for me. This isn't going to be a serious, often used guitar anyway. You might as well just assume I'm a total newbie.
- I'm open to mahogany, alder and basswood for body materials. I'd really rather not touch anything else though.
- Floyd Rose style trem. Not an Edge III though. Licensed FR is fine to me.
- Humbuckers in both the bridge and neck. Single coils in any position are pretty useless to me.
- 24 frets.

Things I don't mind:
- fretboard can be any material and fret sizes don't bother me.
- neck profile doesn't bother me.
- bolt-on necks are fine by me. In fact I'd rather have bolt-on than set (though of course neck-through beats all).
- I don't care about having a middle pickup or not.
- I'd rather have passive pickups, but I could live with actives.
- Maple body tops are okay, though not required.
- Super-strat style would be preferred, though I am open to other styles so long as it's double-cut and not too spikey-death-blade-metal-RAWR-whatever. V's and X-plorer shapes are definitely out of the question though.
- I'd rather not get an Ibanez unless I have to. I've just never been at all impressed with their build quality.
- I'm open to buying used or B-stock guitars, though I'd rather not if I can help it.

As far as amps, pedals and so on go, I've got everything you could name, so just assume I've got good enough gear for anything.
I'm not positive about what 250-300 pounds is in dollars but I think it'd be around $500?

If so, I really recommend the Schecter Damien FR:


I got it a couple weeks back, man, I love it. It meets most of your requirements. I love the feel of it, sounds great. And even thought it has a LFR instead of an OFR, it's still a pretty darn good bridge.
You can get some really nice Ibanez guitars without the ****ty Edge III on it. That's the basic screw up with Ibanez. I've actually seen some plastic Edge III's before too. Just shameful.
i saw in guitarcenter.com an epiphone les paul that had a licensed floyd rose... i wasnt expensive... i just cant find the link
Give the ESP LTD H-50 a look.. or just ESP in general. The H-50 is cheap as chips and is built really, really solidly, though it doesn't have the trem bridge you're looking for, or the 24 frets.
^^ Gah I bet that was f'ugly lol.

Schecter are a good place to start. There's also Jackson, Dean and BC Rich to look at. BC Riches are not great though, the ones at about £300 should be ok though. Nothing on a schecter though from what I hear.
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Schecter sounds like a good bet.
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Schecter C-1 FR maybe?
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Thanks for all the replies so far.

Sounds like Schecter would be a good way to go. Sadly though, the only FR-equipped Schecter models that are carried by any stores here are higher end £700+ ones. Importing from America adds on a clean £100 too, so I think all the FR Schecter's are out of my range. If anyone's got any ideas of obscure UK sites that might have some of the better and cheaper ones in, I wouldn't mind hearing about them.

I hadn't thought of BC Rich or the lower ESP/LTD's before either - I've always been told all BC Rich's and the lower series LTD's suck?

From your replies, so far I've found and mostly looking at mostly looking at:

BC Rich Outlaw PX 3 T

Dean Vendetta 1.F

The ESP site says it's basswood, other sites say it's agathis though? The 100QM that ESP says IS agathis is also the only one of the two that comes HH rather than HSS - is agathis really as bad as I've heard or should I maybe just bite the bullet and go with it, body wood be damned?

These are the only three I can find that are actually available here as far as sites I know of go, in my price range and fit most of my criteria.
a ibanez S series are good and cheap
look into schecter too
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my neighborhood's guitar center had this guitar http://www.guitarsatbmusic.com.au/esp/guitars/sigseries/jacobs.htm used in perfect condition just had been there for a year, for $300
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did i mention HAD it got rushed when the manager put the sign up for it at that price
The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised
-George Will

Also caught her playing fallout boy on my guitar, changed my strings and cleaned it the next day.