Hey guys. I'm relatively new to the bass, I picked up the listed equipment a couple months ago, and tooled around a bit. I took a break because of life, but I've got my callouses back and I want to get serious again.

I read the FAQ, but have some questions of my own, mostly regarding hardware.

So I've got the following:

-Ibanez SR300FM
-Peavey 20 Watt, 10" Amp/Speaker (it's recommended in the FAQ)
-I plan to get Rotosound strings in the near future

And so my queries

-My bass comes with active pickups and a treble/bass booster. I can also switch between two pickups, one makes my sound twangy, and one gives it a bit more 'oomph'.
-My Amp's equalization is set in Low, Mid, and High, but goes from 0 to 10. Not sure if this matters, but...

How do I use these to get the sound I want?

Ideally, I want to get a sound similar to that of Geddy Lee's. I think the Rotosound strings will help a lot - the strings I have on there now are the ones that came with the bass, and probably suck.

In some of his interviews he mentions that he tends to make his sound have 'a lot of bottom and a little bit of crunch'. What does that mean in terms of EQing? Obviously I won't be able to get an identical sound, because he probably has high tech equipment.

So, any ideas? I'm still pretty new, and I want to know what I'm doing with both the hardware and the playing. The playing is going fine, but the hardware, not so much.
How old are the strings on there? I bet some rotosounds would be a vast improvement!
well for a lot of bottom you want to turn the bass control up, play on your neck pickup; which is probably the oomph one, and for crunch that is usually the sound of overdriven tubes, but for that you might want a bass overdrive pedal
Well on a single 10" practice amp, your not going to get that great a sound, but you can make the most of it. You'll obviously want to turn up the bass a little, not too much though. Usually its the high mids that give that kind of sound, but since your amp only has one mid eq, youll have to play around with, youll probably end up increasing it the same amount as the bass, but it depends, you just have to listen. As for the highs its more of a personal preference,. Do you like a lot of presence in your sound, or like it sounding a little dull, or somewhere in between. I usually end up turning it up just a little, to balance out the mids, but your gonna have to play around with it. So theres a start, but remember the number one rule of EQing, its whatever sounds good to you, not what somebody else over the internet or in a book or whatever says.
I think there's threads floating around about how to get the tones of the popular bassists. You could look for one of those. I think Geddy might use some distortion. I'm not sure, though, I never listened to him much. Also, Geddy uses a Jazz. It's not impossible to replicate his tone with an Ibanez, but it'd be easier if you had a Jazz.
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When I was picking out my bass, this bass managed to come the closest out of any bass to getting Geddy's sound - that was in my price range, of course. And yeah, I don't know how old the strings are, so Rotosounds are going to be a vast improvement.

One of my friends recommends GHS Boomers, but I'll take Geddy's word for it. ;-)

Anyways, thanks for the advice guys, I'll post on here once I get my Rotosounds and let you know how it works out.
Geddy has his mids pretty cranked, with lots of treble, and gets that gritty tone with a SansAmp RBI rackmount dealie. He also plays with an aggressive finger attack near the bridge.