i like it but it aint 'melodic death metal' haha its well feel good sorta style, sounds like pop punkish to me, aint a fan of genre so dunno

but it deffo aint death metal XD
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I liked it. The vocals were nice and the intro was cool, although some notes sounded a little off... . The solo didn't do much for me, but then again the song doesn't seem quite finished yet so I can't really crit it... .
I do agree with the guy above me, this is definitely not metal! It's waaaay to upbeat to be metal, even melodic metal.

Crit mine?

definatley a fun listen
i rather liked it
but the pop metal is back
oh well, your lead and rythm work seem solid, drumming is awesome
bass would help a lot more than you think it could, especially in a song like this.
overall though id say 9/10 as it doesnt seem finished [dies in middle of solo]

good job though
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Not bad at all.

I liked the lead lines in it.
Feel good to the max.

Very reminiscient of my own band tbh. We play like a sort of Technical Alt rock with alot of feel good to it.

I give it a 9/10
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