If anyone has a few minutes to check out the song on my profile called "thoughts" and give me some feedback, it would be greatly appreciated!

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nice man best song ive heard on the site
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Listening as I crit ^_^

The drums are really neat, practically perfect! What program is that?

I liked the keyboard parts a lot. I will admit that at first it did sorta clash but the faster part w/ the piano sounding keys was pretty cool. You played keys before guitar didn't you?

The little "choruses" like at 2:01 were nice, simple and melodic. Your playing is p. clean for just 2 years. Lol at 2 years I didn't even have an electric -_-

The solo: again not too complex but still decent. I do think you need to some vibrato in your notes. It would help to toss some bends in or something, the solo felt a tad bit lifeless.

Overall this is a really cool composition that only needs a little bit of polishing. Keep up the good work man!

One quick question before I leave, what is your setup? Like what programs did you use, what amp were you playing through, etc.?

And one final thing: crit me?

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nice man best song ive heard on the site

thanks a lot!

to fingersofflame:
thanks for the crit!
I used a soundfont in FL7 for the drums. If you look on a site called hammer sound, i think its called "metal drum set" or something?

yeah i was playing piano when i was about 8, but i stopped lessons when i was 16. I use the theory side rather than actually playing now, and this is the first song i've done with a piano part! lol

For the solo, i was gonna add in some bends, but i kinda prefered just leaving it like that, might go back to it at some point though!

As for my setup: i used FL with soundfonts for the drums/keys, and i recorded the keyboard through FL (if that makes sense...)
I didnt use an amp, just these kinda module things on my zoom recorder. Theres tons of them on it and you can mess about with them and stuff which is cool!

cheers for the lengthy crit and ill check yours out in a min
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