What in your opinion is the greatest instrumental blues songs.

I give mine to Roy buchanans arrangement of Green onions...and SRV's Scuttle Buttin
Lenny - SRV
I've got something in my front pocket for you.
Why don't you reach down in my pocket and see what it is?
Then grab onto it, it's just for you.
Give a little squeeze and say: "How do you do?"
Rumble, by link wray, so simple, frickin' awesome
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Time by Kouichi Korenaga. A completely obscure piece that I'm sure absolutely nobody else here would have even heard of, but it's gorgeous. Shame it ended up being wasted on an anime series.

Failing that, if it counts, Twilight by Joe Perry. I think it only just counts as blues though, and could easily also be put under any other blues/rock/jazz/fusion combination. It's like BB King after listening to too much of The Doors...