Yup one more song from my solo music page. I'd really like to hear what you think of the lyrics and the vocals, and what you think of the song as a whole.

clicky clicky
you have to put force behind your voice otherwise you wont hit the right notes.
I know, I know. See I'm kind of a quiet person. It's hard for me to get any power into the vocals. But I'm working on it. What did you think of the actual song though?
I liked this ^_^ If you put some more effort into your singing you could have a really good singing voice I think. On the chorus, "The sky is falling down...etc." you should have everything get higher, in terms of pitch. I liked the guitar part too, it was simple but it fit. I like your playing style based on what I've heard of your other songs ^_^

Overall I like your music, I listened to Paths and Dreamscapes and liked both of those songs quite a bit. Personally I think that your stuff could use a somewhat rougher sound, drums dist, etc. I dunno, in terms of vocals I think you've just gotta work on putting more force into your voice, as Lamrick said, and in terms of composition as a whole you should work on dynamics.

Crit me?

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i like sad songs as well. your voice has really nice tone. sometimes it goes a tiny bit out of tune though. i like the guitar part, but i don't think you need that extra guitar that comes in to play the octave above. also, i like that vocal effect you use at about the 3:10 mark i think. anyway, good late night song.

crit mine?: