I would like to add another verse or a bridge at the end but I'm not sure where to go with the song. Please let me know what I need to change from what I have written already. C4C

Verse 1
You tell me lies that I see right through
But I don’t realize what I’ve done to you
What could I do to make you feel like this?
Was it something I said or something I missed?
Is there something I can do to make it up?
Or have I run completely out of luck

Heartbreaker, don’t toy with me
Heartbreaker, my heart on a string
Heartbreaker, as far as I can see
Heartbreaker, there’s no room in your life for me

Verse 2
My love for you runs so deep
It’s all I dream about while I sleep
I don’t know what will make you realize
What do you see in those other guys
I can’t imagine you not coming back
I think I’d rather have a heart attack


Verse 3
If this is what love really feels like
Put it away far out of sight
I don’t ever want to feel like this
Like I’m falling in a dark abyss
Without you here I don’t know what to do
My thoughts are swirling, I don’t have a clue
Call me Dom
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Excellent. Except like instead of "You tell me lies that I see right through", try
"I tell you lies that you see right through"

Sounds better IMO, but whatever works for you it is your song, after all.
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