I need help with my english homework Im suposed to write a poem using the words "cat" "mustang" "through" "Model" and "it",there is no other criteria, and Im have a hell of a time with it. so i was wondering if someone could help me(or do it for me).
I took my Mustang model and drove it through a cat.

Now make that a bit longer and more poetic, and you're there.
The cat looked like a mustang, even though it went straight through the model airplane on the couch...

Write your own lyrics or poetry? Post them HERE for a crit.
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use those words as the last word in each line n do a RHCP type rhyme. I did it n got props from my teacher for it.
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do something automotively clever. make cat a shortened form of catalytic converter
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Through the eyes of a mustang
It will be clear.
Collisions like cats in the night,
Shining through fear.
Models of what will become,
The things you hold dear.

Wow, that **** actually sounds like a poem. Have it if you want.
S+L! (songwriting and lyrics) (Yes it does exist on UG) (Just below B+A) (I promise)

Go there or I'll force you to use the word 'The' too.
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