hey im going to order a ukulele tonight, I got 50 bucks, and can get maybe my mom to to do 15, and I want one that is serious, not a joke.... so can I have some SERIOUS replies, thanks
uhhh. don't get a cheap 25 dollar one. try playing different ones, and see which one you like the best
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buy a guitar instead

why should i buy a guitar instead, if i want to try an instrument other then guitar
haha i was just trying to anger somebody... you should get a ukulele if u want... or a mandolin!

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Don't expect to pay much less for a ukulele or mandolin than you would for a similar quality guitar. They're still instruments, not toys.
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uhhh. don't get a cheap 25 dollar one. try playing different ones, and see which one you like the best

I got a cheap 25 dollar one, and it's fine. I wouldn't use it to play professionally, but it sounds OK to me. It didn't stay in tune at first, but it stays in tune fine now.

But this shouldn't be in the Electric Guitar forum, considering ukulele =/= guitar.
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As if there is a 50 buck ukelele!!

are you saying theyre usually alot cheaper or more expensive than that?

i had a $25 and ive seen them upwards of 200.
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you can get a cheap one for that price. the tone wont be great but it will be fun to wail on.

my pa makes ukes for 3k.
I have no opinion on this matter.
My mom works in an elementary school, and one day they were throwing out a bunch of ****ty ukuleles that were sitting in the basement, so my mom grabbed me four. I was putting groceries in the trunk of her car one day and I asked her why they were there and she was just like, "Oh yeah, you can have those." They're really ****ty and don't stay in tune very long and sound pretty bad.

So yeah, find a dece quality uke if you're serious about it. I however am not and am fine with my **** fun ukes (all four of them).