so i've written about 10 songs
i've jammed with like at least 15 bands
i think i have the skills to lead a band but....
i got no singing experience
im afraid of reaction to my songs
& im afraid cuz we're in high school & we might not be taken seriously

any suggestions
should i go through with this
should i call my friends & start a band or should i wait?

take ur time and find the right people (friends and otherwise) who are willing and want to help you bring out your music in the best way possible.
I cannot give you advice. Because you're in high school, I cannot take your question seriously.

You should do it. Make sure you are good friends with these guys and that they would be dedicated. Just practice singing. Your going to have to start some where, might as well start early when your in high school.
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You seem like you're just nervous. Well, everyone has to get past their fears if they're going to chase their dreams. Call them up! If you're dedicated to music, then the worst that could happen is having to find a few different people and try again.