does anyone know any decent sounding solos that arent extremely basic but provide a bit of a challenge for someone whos only been playing 4 months
If you've got any kind of effect pedals, you can make the solos from beverly hills by weezer sound cool. Not as cool as the talk box, but still cool
learn the pentatonic scale and just wank around in that
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rageagainst64 you are a legend!
Nothing Else Matters, the first solo in Fade To Black, and the first two solos in One. All by Metallica

EDIT: Also called penatonic wankage like stated in above post
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i just learned hey you by the exies a little while ago. wasn't too hard. metallica is great to learn for a beginner guitarist. try for whom the bell tolls. it's probably one of their most basic "solos". if you learn to tap, try pieces of eruption. the tapping is the easiest part of the song, in my opinion. if you're feeling confident in your skills, try master of puppets by metallica. if you don't think you can play the fast solo, try the interlude solo.

"basic" is subjective. it depends on how experienced you are.