I just wanted to show you guys what I made yesterday.

I bought a Tremol-no for the Damien FR I just got, because I wanted to be able to do double-stops and increase the sustain, but retain the FR without much trouble. The Tremol-no works pretty well, but I didn't like keeping the cavity open.

I thought of modifying the stock plate, but decided to make a new one. I thought of using polycarbonate at first, but poked around the junk bins at my work and found a nice piece of .0625" thick stainless. It's a few thousandths thinner than the stock plate, but I can always shim it.

So I traced the original plate profile onto the piece of stainless, and cut it out roughly with the band saw. I regret not taking pics of the process, but it was at my workplace, and I didn't feel like taking the trouble.

I threw it on a mill and got it squared-up, then milled the sides down to match the overall size of the original plate. Once that was done, I measured and traced the opening size that I eyeballed on the guitar, and threw it back on the mill. I originally planned on using a 1" diameter end mill, but that's a lot of stainless to cut at once, so I started with 1/4" instead, and ended up just finishing with it. I think a rounded rectangle matches the overall shape better than a slot with rounded ends would, yeah?

With that done, I again lined up the original plate with the new, and traced the rounded corners and hole locations. I shaved down the fillets using the belt sander (bye eye, again), and drilled and counter-sunk the holes. All the measuring and cutting took me about an hour.

I spent about another hour with a hand deburring tool, the deburring wheel, and the polishing wheel to get it to look somewhat respectable. There are a few surface dings that I didn't bother to remove, and left the finish basically brushed more than polished. I did spend a few minutes on the front side with the polishing wheel and some fine medium.

After cleaning it good with alcohol, I gave the front side two coats of laquer. It would have been nice to actually polish the stainless to a mirror finish, but I lacked the time and motivation.

So here's how it turned out. Not perfect, but good enough for me!

That looks great, a nice way to solve a problem. Have you thought about doing the electronics cavity in a similar way? I'm a big fan of things matching up on my guitars, although I know this mightn't be the case with you.
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Pretty cool, good job

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Good idea, TRH, I hadn't thought about it, but you're right, it would look better with a matching electronics plate!

A good project for the next Saturday I have to work!
Nice, I personally tend to keep my blackplates off my guitars with tremolos, it's too much of a hassle with you want to muck around in there.
I made an electronics cavity cover to match the tremolo cavity cover. Not perfect, but hey, I am human.