How do you get a drum track from guitar pro and put it into your recording program?

I'm using Live Lite 6 to record.
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hi,in the top left of gpro click file and move down to export,then export as wav. convert the wav into mp3 using something like dbpower converter and in your recording soft there should be something to import the mp3 or even just open it.
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You need a half decent sound card to do that, of course.

Actually no he doesnt because he's only moving a pre-recorded drum track from one program to another.

If you are not recording anything you do not need any type of recording interface.
When GP exports it's recording the stereo mix out (line out), that's why you have to play the whole song through. On my last sound card, it came out clipped and poor quality, because it was a poor sound card, and that's why many people complain about guitar pro's WAV export being crappy.
Now I have a decent sound card, it exports beautifully.