Hey guys. I came here first with my recording issues because you all have been the best when it comes to response times. Ok so:
I'm using Sony Acid Music 6 Studio and when recording my guitar straight into the computer I get this weird phasing sound. The guitar sounds normal for maybe a second and then this flange-like effect comes over the sound ruining all the music. Is this due to the cable? My acoustic guitar is brand new and works fine with its amp. Could this be the sound card? I really need to know asap due to the fact I'm trying to get a demo out within a couple of weeks. Thanks guys.
Note: My acoustic is plugged into a Mic cord straight through converters into my microphone jack into my computer.
It may be a loop, with the output mixing with the input and continuing. What are your settings for Acid...that is what's at fault.
set the track to record in mono...maybe the monitoring in your DAW is causing weird stuff too
If you're going straight into your computer's soundcard, check your audio application, you could have 'noise removal' or some other effect on by mistake.
thanks guys... BrianApocalypse was right. My sound card had some funky Noise canceling thing on and as soon as I turned it off... no phasing. Appreciate it a lot guys!