Hey everyone, kinda new here - been getting some tabs & looking at reviews & stuff... Nice Forum...so I just ordered the Ibanez RG350EX to use w/ my new Vox AD50VT212. Most of the reviews I've seen everywhere are very positive on this one, seems the main point of contention is the Edge III tremolo bridge....some say it's great, never looses tune, others say the opposite??? My younger bro brought over his old RG2570Z Prestige (little higher end RG) and that thing rocked big time on the $300 Vox !!! Alot Better than on the expensive 60 W 2x12 Rocktron he brought with him!

So, I thought Id'd try my luck w/ the $400 RG with my new amp. I guess if it sucks I'll return it....I have 45 days to try it out.

(oh, I've been playing mostly for pleasure for 20+ yrs.) I'm just getting back into guitar seriuosly after a few yrs. off & all I have right now is an acoustic elec.) I play mostly stuff like Skynard, Aerosmith, Boston, Stones, ZZ Top, Neil Young, Tom Petty...you get the picture, I'm a child of the 70's....lol
you cant buy a new guitar without knowing exactly what to expect. and i have actually heard that the bridges on those things actually loosen and ware the body so it looses intonation. i am not actually a fan of how they play. and it is a plus if they have infinity pups in there.
if you like really thin necks you'll like it i'd guess, most RG's feel the same to me. you shouldn't have a problem with the trem on it if you set it up right, other than the paint corroding away on it with time. the infinity pickups are good for stocks i think, at least for awhile.. hope you enjoy it.
you are going too get a great guitar( i know, i have it)
the trems only problem is that it wears out fast, it works great, but for like 6 months or maybe less if you abuse and don´t lubricate the knife edges
my suggestion is to lub the knife edges and obviously to have it well set up
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Thanks guys, I appreciate your input. Like I said RP & Maverick, I have 45 days on it EVEN if I don't like it for no reason, other than it just sucks, so what's the down side....

****, I buy stuff EVERY WEEK online (litterally, not just musical), I don't have the time to shop in stores anymore. I work 8:30 to 6:30 every day - I reseach all the stuff I buy extensively before the purchase...when it turns out bad (once) I've gotten all my money back and THEN SOME. (I ended up w/ a free guitar on that one BTW)

I'm sitting on 2 Vox amps right now, one they are letting me ship back - didn't cost me an extra dime.

I just wanted to know about the RG350EX...I've played my bros RG2570Z and it never goes out of tune. But it costs about 2x the 350EX....
I've even read GREAT reviews here, so that's why I ordered it, for only $399, I figured it might sound almost as good.
Good guitar, only problem is the Edge III. But try and get it properly setup and it should do fine for some time. Eventually you should just change it to an OFR, its a direct swap.
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I just wanted to know about the RG350EX...I've played my bros RG2570Z and it never goes out of tune. But it costs about 2x the 350EX....
I've even read GREAT reviews here, so that's why I ordered it, for only $399, I figured it might sound almost as good.

The RG2570Z has better electronics, better pick-ups, a better bridge, better hardware, and I wouldn't be surprised if it uses a better cut of basswood (though Ibanez generally does use better pieces of basswood that other companies on low end guitars). The quality control is also better on the RG2570Z. It might feel relatively similar, but that is about it, in terms of the neck and the weight.

For the price, it should be a decent guitar, but I wouldn't expect it to be at the same level as an Ibanez prestige guitar. Since the amp is more important to the sound, it won't be that much worse, but it isn't the same quality in terms of the parts.
well i have a rg350dx and i can say with confidence that the edge 3 doesnt behave on my guitar.

i have had major problems with it over the short time i have owned it. despite this, when it is working it is a dream and hardly goes out of tune. if every guitar is like mine though, dont expect it to work much
Thanks again...I will never play professionally now, I'm too old (not quite as old as Jimmy Page & not near as good...LOL)....So, just looking for some personal fun w/ friends and small parties I attend....Just hoping to get a nice setup for $400.

The Ibanez RG350 I hoped would do it...we'll see, when it gets here in a cpl days. My Vox sounded badass w/ my bros RG2570Z.... I just want to come close to that, so maybe I'm still ok here.

Thanks for all your help guys, so now I really know the 350's Edge III bridge is not that good. I'll get it set up right from the start, with help from my pro bro Brett...but if it don't work, I'm gonna send it back and uprgrade! It won't cost me a dime in penalty to try the 350...I'll test it and decide. If I need better, I'll go up to the Prestige level to get what I need....I'm guessing now, that's what I'll have to do.......we'll see....thanks.

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