I'd appreciate any comments, long or short, on this song.

One thing to keep in mind, if you know what pink champagne is there was lots of it.

I'll happily crit if you link to a song,


Pink Champagne
intriguing intro....perhaps goes on a bit too long though. could have been half that length. really like when the chords kick in. strangely enough, i really like some of the sound effects you've used as well. that bubbly electronic sound is awesome haha. flows nicely back into that fingerpicked guitar part. the ending has some nice sound effects as well but again, this probably stretches out. perhaps if i was in a more patient mood i would have enjoyed it more. solid stuff though.

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Intro could be a tad shorter, but it was really cool. I just thought it was maybe 30 or so seconds too long. I liked when the chords came in. It's hard to describe, but the song had a cool atmosphere to it. I liked the effects you had going on there during the chords; they fit the mood of the song well. Maybe a little bit more variety to the verse instead of the same arpeggios. But overall, I liked it.

Cool song. Keep it up.

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