I am going to buy some headphones for my home recording studio. Should I go with open back, or closed back. I am debating between these 2...



I just have a Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar, and I plug it into my effects pedal. My effects pedal is hooked up to my computer. Which one would be best? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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If you're not dealing with any microphones, your only considerations are sound quality and comfortability. In that price range, you're probably going to get pretty poor sound quality out of either of those pairs, so I'd go with the Nady pair, as they look more comfortable.
Go with the AKG or the Sennheiser HD212. They're very good for the price. Also, closed-back headphones can be used for listening to an MP3 player without irritating people around you.
neither of the two will sound anything close to good........

I would not go under $70 when buying any new headphones but thats just me...

If the singer is using a mic like a condenser that will pick up a lot of small noises, go with a set of closed cans but if you are keeping the monitor volume low and they are using a dynamic you should be fine with the open cans.
Wait a sec.... what will you be using them for?

Tracking - I have a couple of pairs of MoreMe headphones that are loud as bombs, and closed design to minimize bleed into the room. They were $20 a piece. They don't sound very good, but for tracking, they don't need to, really. Isolation and volume are the two main concerns.

Just listening - go for more expensive pairs. I have a pair of AKG K240 phones. They are pretty ubiquitous in pro studios around the world as kind of the "industry standard" but they're about $250 for the pair if I recall.

Mixing - don't mix with headphones. Get a decent pair of monitors. Thank me later for that piece of advice. :-)

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yea you COULD mix with headphones but using studio monitors almost always works out better so it is suggested that you go that way.

It is important to know what you will be using these headphones for though...