I'm thinking about getting an Ibanez GRG170DX as my first electric guitar. I'm already pretty good at guitar, I've got experience on my acoustic/electric and on a friend's Epiphone Special somethingmajing.

I'm wondering if the GRG170DX's tremolo will screw with the tuning. I've heard that bad tremolos mess with the tuning of the guitar the second you look at them.

If it does, then I guess I'll look at other stuff.
I dont believe that it has a floating trem (look it up if you dont know what i mean) so tuning should be fairly simple and it will stay it tune easily, must easier than a floating trem.

EDIT: no locking nut.
if it doesnt have aa locking nut just get another ibanez cuz trems usually distract ppl that r new to guitar so just get an ibanez w/ a fixed bridge...cuz ibanez rulz...nice choice
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I'm looking at the reviews and the description and it says that it has a stable tremolo system. People say that it stays in tune well.

I'm going to see if I can test it out at a local music shop.
The tremolo on this guitar is a pretty basic unit - the design's been around since the 50s. For light tremolo usage, this design is OK, but divebombing (i.e. hitting the whammy bar down full travel) usually messes the tuning up. Trust me, I have a Squier Strat with a similar tremolo. Really, if I'm honest, tremolos on beginner guitars are overrated. I had to tune my Squier every time I used it (eventually I was tuning it by ear instead of my little Korg gadget, but the fact remains), and my Ibanez' locking trem is a godsend.
Really, the question is, do you need a tremolo?
If yes, then OK, the GRG should work fine for you:
If no, I'd seek out a fixed bridge (hardtail), maybe a low-end RG, such as this one:
Admittedly, it's a bit more expensive than the GRG, but the tuning stability offered by fixed bridges is unrivalled.

Hope this helps you,

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I'd really like a tremolo, but it is not absolutely necessary. I'm thinking about only light usage, nothing too fancy or extreme, just to get things I can't bend and to learn some simple whammy tricks.
In which case, I think you've made the right choice. I fully support going and trying one out. From my (limited) experience with Ibanez guitars, I doubt you'll have any problems with it. Feel free to let us know if you buy it!


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It WILL send your guitar out of tune.

Worry about learning to play the guitar first - worry about whammy tricks when you're in a position to actually use them.
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I got this guitar and trust me, it does not hold tuning. Even a slight bend will send it out of tune.

You can counter this by doing what I did - drop the back of the bridge so it touches the body, effectively making it a fixed bridge. Just gotta add all the springs in the back and screw in the two bits that I don't have a name for. After this it holds the tuning.
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It WILL send your guitar out of tune.

Worry about learning to play the guitar first - worry about whammy tricks when you're in a position to actually use them.

I do know how to play. I can play most intermediate level songs through completely (usually can't play the solos).

However, if it goes out of tune too easily, it's not worth having a bar. In that case, I guess I'll go for a fixed bridge.
i own a GSA60 ibanez with a standard trem, and i tried tuning it down dropped d 1/2 steps down (c# g# c# f# a# d#- lol, too many sharps), and for some reason the strings tend to tune out of place, dont know if its the standard trem or not because im not pushing up against the bridge when i tune. until i can resolve this problem, ill just keep the Ibanez in either standard, or dropped d.

ill get some pictures made of the ibanez that i have and ill put them on a future post
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