k, so i was playing my black, washburn x10 today, and while playign the solo from One, i went to the tremolo picking part (12, 14, 15, 17, 15....) and while on the 14th fret i played it, and then went to the 15th fret ( the e string, as in thin lol) and they sounded exactly the same, then my 7th fret on the same string, sounds like just like my eighth fret, and now i dont know what to do, why do they sound identical
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Or your frets are screwed.
Or you have a horrible bow or warping in your neck.

+1. Post pics
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Fret grooves. Or uneven frets. Check out the Fret Buzz thread, some good tips there for finding out just what's wrong.

You may have to either have the frets leveled, if it's fret grooves, or you could have a couple of frets that have gotten loose (too high) and need to be reseated. You can do that with a small wood block, tap each problem fret lightly using a hammer to tap the wood block. Tap lightly...don't beat it to death...If they tend to work loose again a drop of super glue might help. Let a small drop run under the fret then tap it down.
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