Recently I've been intrigued by the shape of the Peavey Wolfgang and have been interested in how it sounds and plays (and costs). So here's some questions;

1. Does anyone here own it? How does it play? Sound? Styles it's good/not good for?
2. What's the best one to get (seeing as there are both korean and us made ones, but i have no idea which one is which)?
3. Problems?
4. Are they worth it?
Hey i have one and i love it

I have the US made model
ive played everything on it from Modest Mouse to Metallica on it only thing i can really find that it doesnt do too well on is clean tones they sound kind of weaker than the distorted tones in a way to me.

id say its worth it but if your looking for something to play like jazz or funk on it id get something else.
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haha, while i do dabble in jazz or funk, rock and metal are my main digs. How much do the US made ones run?