Well I don't know about exotic haha, but if you like metal or hard rock check it out, first finished version.
Shadows of the Past.zip
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While I liked the beginning cause it reminded me of Opeth to a point, alot of the song sounded pretty standard fare. though the distorted riff after the intro was good, the verse and chorus to me are extremely lacking or just need a very good vocal line/harmony over it to come to its potential, I liked the interlude and clean solo as well, but overall I think it needs alot of work. 5/10
Thats not bad, im going to sorta aggre with Themadisraeli, but there was a few other cool bits.

Bar 47 to 50 sounded like Pantera to me.

Bars 51 to 63 had a doulbe kick over acoustic guitars, i wasnt to keen on that, sorry.

89 - 106 was mean
'Fraid I'm going to be echoing a lot of what everyone else said.

The distorted riffs are all good. However, the chorus just sounds like an extension to the verse. It would be cool to make it really stand out, as without the markers there I wouldn't have spotted it. The acoustic and clean stuff drags on a bit, too. However, the little solo at bar 93 was very nice indeed, and generally speaking all of the solos sound vaguely original as well as being pleasant to listen to and looking quite technical.

I'll give this a 6/10, as I'm afraid that although there's wheat, there's a whole lotta chaff too. Lose the chaff and it'll be 8.5 or 9/10.