I rather enjoy sitting on my amp too......................

Strictly if the casing is well built then it should be able to take a person sitting on it surely??
Depends on the person, really. I'm pretty skinny, I'd be good for sitting on anything, but like, Bruce Vilanch, idk.

Wouldn't risk a really nice tube head though. Plus that's a big high off the ground, that's impractical.
Im certain you can sit on a combo, I've been doing it for 2 years now. No damage, and im 160 pounds.
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I've got a small 1x12 tube combo that I sit on when I play sometimes. Its sturdy and I know it can handle it, no harm to the amp. And at school there is a bass amp that I sit on when I play bass with the concert band rehearsals.
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If you want to get really technical about it..

1. Grab sticks.
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Unless it's really flimsy and physically breaks when you sit on it, I wouldn't be too worried...
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As long as you're not rocking around while sitting on it (that could be really bad for tube amps.) and you're not over 500 pounds, I think you'll be fine.
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i sit on my marshal MG10CD and im 160ish

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depends on the amp, but in most circumstances it's fine
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i sit on my peavey rage and im pushin over 200
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It's fine.
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I sit on my bass amp all the time, i'm about 165. It doesnt do anything, but its a combo, i wouldnt risk it with a tube or anything else.
i doubt it. i was at a death metal concert last night, and the lead singers were jumping off of the bass drum onto their amps..... yet still played awesome
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I'm pretty sure amps get stacked. Since approximately 20 people have already told you it's safe, and in order for my post to not be redundant, I'll advise you not to do it, because you're not an amp.
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considering other amps sit on amps, I really don't think it's bad
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I rather enjoy sitting on my bass amp during band practices.

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