ok so i'm learning how to solo in jazz songs. usually i would stick to one scale, but i would like to go into more depth when learning a song i suppose. i'm working on Green Dolphin Street right now any suggestions on what i can do?
welll learn all the modes of the scales and such. its all about being creative. sometimes you dont have be complicated and technical to sound good. look at miles davis!
i'm going to tell you straight up. get a well respected jazz teacher.

it is difficult to learn jazz properly without a good teacher, it's a matter of starting with the basics.

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Step 1: Build a jazz collection and start listening. You have to be able to hear jazz to play it.

Step 2: Find a jazz player who teaches. Get him to take you on as a student

Step 3: Forget this "modes" stuff for now, start learning your notes, chord spellings, and transcribe some tunes.