I was playing around with my acoustic and I really liked how those two phrases sound, so I turned them into a short and simple song. I'm not really sure how to classify it; I guess it's rock. I was pretty happy of the solo at the end. Anyway, take a listen and tell me what you think.

Volume's a little low, so turn it up enough to hear it well.

As always, C4C

Edit: I added vocals to the track; if you'd like to crit, please go to the new thread.

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nice job man i love the tone on your guitar, get some vocals and drums onto that and you could be onto a real winner
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hey thanks for the crit, ill write as i listen

so far the acoustic guitars have a really nice touch to them, almost opeth sounding.
very tasteful on the distorted guitars. so far a great job on mixing, no hiccups or imbalances.
getting a lot string noise on the start of the guitar solo, which is sweet by the way. wow, wasnt expecting the wah, that part is really awesome. What?! it ends really suddenly to me, need to stretch that out for a bit then bring to a proper close.
i suppose its a good thing if the only negative part of a review is that it isnt long enough.
good job, ill have to give that program a try later!
Dude the solo was indeed great, worthy of you being happy ^_^ You have a wailing sound to it, the wah is subtle but p. nice...dammit I need a wah pedal xD

I like how you mixed the acoustic and electric together in such a way that we can enjoy the tone of each instrument, the acoustic was p. crisp and clear. Overall I can't see any major flaws with this piece, it's got a great solo part and the guitars all have great tone. Perhaps you could turn down the volume of the electric a little bit, it was a small bit overpowering, but that aside...yeah no major improvements come to mind at this point in time ^_^

Crit me?

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Main Positives: Did a good job of building, props, and I like your guitar tone for this. You playing a Gibson?

Could improve: Note choice in the solo. you laid on some notes, which is fine, but I think you could have had more interesting sounds over those chords.

Thanks for the crit! And I look forward to seeing more stuff.
Very unique I like the way you mixed the talking with the guitar and the remixed feel of the talking...

Good job on the distortion guitar too it's very clear and full (unlike either tinny or muddy which normally happens)

Good work